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Ecological Assessment

It is important to determine the existing environment values and potential environmental constraints associated with a development site early in the planning process.  This will allow for opportunities to be identified and impacts to be mitigated.


BIOME Consulting scientists have significant experience in ecological assessment and are fully equipped to undertake marine and terrestrial investigations.

Flora and Fauna Surveys

To ensure that environmental constraints and opportunities are correctly identified, a site's flora and fauna values need to be determined.  


Our qualified and experienced environmental scientists have extensive capabilities in the area of flora and fauna assessment and can undertake the necessary field work required to address environmental regulations.

Coastal Zone Management

BIOME Consulting has gained extensive experience in the area of coastal zone management with practical knowledge in foreshore reclamation, nourishment, bank stabilsation and mangrove wetland design and construction.

Environmental Constraints Analysis

BIOME Consulting offer an Environmental Constraints Analysis service which provides clients with a review of Federal, State and Local environmental planning requirements as they apply to individual development sites. 


This service has proven to be very useful in guiding developers in the selection of appropriate future development sites which contain limited environmental constraints. 

Open Space Planning

When developing land for residential subdivisions, large environmental areas can be required to be dedicated to local Council authorities for future management.   These areas are generally created in response to significant environmental values and require the documentation of tailored management approaches.


BIOME Consulting staff have a long history in the development of open space management policy and are acutely aware of Local government requirements.

Covenant Management

Many local Council authorities require the preparation of Environmental Covenant Management Plans to detail the ongoing management measures for environmental areas protected via private covenants.


Our scientists can assist with the development of these management plans to ensure compliance with Council requirements.

Recreational Space Planning

Having worked on a number of recreational space projects, BIOME Consulting staff can assist in the development of recreation open space policies or with the design of recreational assets.

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