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​BIOME Consulting is a boutique firm comprising specialist engineers and scientists focused on developing and delivering innovative yet practical and cost effective integrated water and environmental outcomes. 


Our extensive experience working for both government agencies and private developers ensures that environmental and engineering constraints are identified early in the regulatory process, resulting in the timely provision of  appropriate design options, maximising opportunities.


We offer specialised professional services in the disciplines of Water and Environment to the development industry, servicing residential housing, commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure projects.


BIOME: “an environment that is home to a specialised group of plants and animals suited to that place and climate."

Brad Comley
Anna Kleinschmidt
Environmental Engineer

Brad is Registered Professional Engineer, Certified Environmental Practitioner and Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control. With over 20 years of experience spanning State and Local Government and the consulting industry. Brad has a broad practical knowledge of development and the natural environment, which gives him the ability to successfully identify environmental and engineering constraints and opportunities in order to develop appropriate management strategies.

Joe McDonald
Water Engineer

Joe is an experienced Water Engineer who relies upon his 14 years  of extensive knowledge of catchment hydrology and stormwater hydraulics to prepare complex 2-Dimensional models to represent local and regional flooding.  He is also proficient in stormwater quality and quantity management and uses XPStorm to design and analyse detention basin designs for the mitigation of peak discharge.

Anna is an experienced Environmental Engineer and Scientist with over 10 years of experience working within the consulting industry.  As a water engineer, Anna specialises in the design of innovative stormwater management solutions within urban and rural environments, using  water modelling packages (MUSIC and XPSWMM), to optimise design outcomes.

Ange Corey
Environmental Engineer

Ange is a Civil and Environmental Engineer specialising in catchment hydrology and the design of hydraulic structures.  Ange's primary role is the preparation of Stormwater Management Plans for submission to regulatory authorities.  This involves the development of practical and effective engineering designs to ensure that stormwater is appropriately managed from both a quality and quantity perspective

David Conder

David works out of our Gold Coast office and is Biome’s senior flora ecologist. David has over 20 years of experience in terrestrial ecology management, including flora survey, ecological restoration, habitat assessment, as well as the preparation of ecological management plans and reports. David has worked with engineering disciplines on multi-disciplinary projects that incorporate the use of native vegetation

Nadya Lees

Nadya heads our Sunshine Coast office and is Biome’s fauna specialist.  She has had 20 years’ experience in the fields of ecological research, wildlife management and threatened species conservation.  Nadya has extensive experience in scientific research, the preparation of species impact statements, biodiversity and fauna surveys, wildlife monitoring and providing conservation and management advice for rare and threatened species.  In addition, Nadya is a licenced fauna Spotter Catcher.

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